Your ideas for hidden object games


Do you have any ideas for HO games? I have few:

  • Post-apoliptic - I’d love to play HO game set in ruined big city (similar to Fallout).
  • Sci-fi - escape from damaged ship? Figure out what happened, where are everyone? Something like that :slight_smile:
  • Game set in Warsaw (Poland) - alternate universe, abandoned “ghost town” (looks like city in “Enslaved: Odyssey to the West” game)?
  • Something dark, almost horror

What's your favourite, first etc. Artifex's game?

Yes, HOPA horror for ever and exploring planet in space. You idea about Ghost Town sounds really interesing. Game set in Himalayas, like Kyrat (Far Cry 4).

  • straight-up murder mystery HOs

  • colony ship with earth’s remaining survivors in their quest to reach a new world to ensure survival for the human race

  • follow-up to colony ship story with established colony (having successfully reached the planet) meeting with resistance… turns out the planet already had inhabitants that the colonists didn’t know about… there are incidents with native people and colonists have to communicate and work out something that is advantageous to both sides (like Star Trek)

  • pandemic storyline - work to find the cure

  • Day of the Dead storyline


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Yesterday at twitter I was watching some friends fantasizing about a manly HOPA taking place at the gym.
When you think of it, a silly yet fun idea. :joy:


HOPA Visual Novel (PEGI 16)? Why not? :smirk:


I am irish, so how about a game about LEPRECHAUNS, they could be evil or you could have a female leprechaun protagonist. lol


Too few horrors and sci-fi themed games imho, also thrillers and more modern oriented titles will be appreciated. Fallout? Great idea.


I definitely thought about:

  • Cyberpunk (Blade Runner, The Fifth Element, The Matrix) since futuristic Hong Kong is a beautiful place to put HO scenes in since there’s so much going on!

  • A paranormal/supernatural documentarian going around different American states to search for evidence for local cryptids (Mothman, Dover Demon, Flathead Lake Monster, Jersey Devil)! Each title in the series serves to focus maybe 1-3 cryptids. There are cryptids from other countries too (Tsuchinoko from Japan, Wolpertinger from Germany, Ngoloko from Kenya)!

  • Any folklore from any country is always pleasing to know about! Especially ones that aren’t usually heard of. I’m definitely curious about lore from Eastern Europe and South America! There’s a lot of interesting stories from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, et al too!

  • :stuck_out_tongue: And a personal preference, maybe someday an Asian protagonist?


I would LOVE to see a sci-fi horror hidden object game with JUMPSCARES. I love horror themed games.
Maybe we could have the main character trapped on a spaceship and deadly aliens or some other supernatural being attacks them, creating nightmarish images/scenery. This may not appeal to some players who love fantasy, but for people who love those action-packed games, it will definitely be a favorite.


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My Idea :

  • A suite for The Grim Legend ( a prequel of Edward : for know how become a demon).
  • A Long John Silver story ? Or other pirate game ? ( because i like your The Nightmare of the Deep series)
  • A Dracula game ?
  • A new steampunk game : 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea ? Chtulhu game ? Atlantis game ?
  • Alice in Wonderland game ?
  • A story of the Black Plague game ?
  • A mermaid game ?


Horror/Sci-fi would interest me. There are far too few HOPAs with such themes out in the HOPA world. Fantasy - ok, but dark and inventive, not fairytales à la pricess kisses frog and gets a prince.

  • The Adventures of Gulliver.
  • Dinosaures

  1. Something in sub-Saharan Africa. With a black (female) warrior/shaman lead. Based on their mythology etc. Close to Eventide / Dark Legends, but with a different setting. AM haven’t been there yet.

  2. Something in Polynesia (local lead).

  3. 1800-1900 Lovecraftian adventure with actual horror and great evil.

  4. Something with NA native americans or even Inuit. Again, playing a local lead would be more interesting (warrior / hunter / shaman) than your generic latte-lady-on-a-mission-to-save-aunt.


Another Clockwork Tales game


Another Enigmatis series based on other Reapers? Possibly playing as the Preacher hunting them down