Your first/favorite HOPA game?


my first game Artifex is Enigmatis: the ghost of maple creek

Your ideas for hidden object games

My all time favorite is “Nightmares from the Deep - Siren’s Call.” It was a long time ago - but still my favorite. I would love to see another in this series as well.


@sunnyglow Yes, It’s amazing game.


My first game from Artifex Mundi, was Enigmatis: The ghost of Maple Creek and that was first HOPA.
I didn’t realise, that this kind of games is so playable.


Same here :slight_smile: My favourite Artifex Mundi game is “Enigmatis: The ghost of Maple Creek”. It wasn’t my first “HO” game, but it’s one of the best. BTW. Everyone who likes HO games should play “Infected: The Twin Vaccine”.


My favorite game from Artifex is Enigmatis: Mist of Ravenwood.
Ok this game is not my first game. The first game IT was Enigmatis: The ghost of Maple Creek


I believe the first AM game I played was Nightmares from the Deep 2 - Siren’s Call.
As for my favourite game it’s probably Grim Legends 3, followed closely by Grim Legends 2. The whole series in general is really good.


My favourite game from this developer was and will always be the 1st Nightmares from the deep.For it’s release date,it still reminds of the new releases ,which shows how innovative it was back at the days.:grinning:


My first AM game was Enigmatis: The Ghosts of Maple Creek. As much as I love that series the Nightmares from the Deep series is still my favorite. Agree with @mikepaz. The Cursed Heart was innovative for its time and set the standard.


I loved the story of “Infected: The Twin Vaccine” but a lot of the HO scenes were very complex and was hard to find stuff, making it very frustrating (specifically inside the barn HO scene).


I said it a hundred times, will say it again… Vampire Legends! My first and favorite one! :smiley:


My first was 9 clues serpent creek, but my favorite is crimson lily.


My first HOPA is Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily.
I love all Artifex Mundi’s games.


My first AM game was Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride - that’s when I fell in love with AM :heart_eyes: Too difficult to choose a favorite!


My first hog was Grim Legends: The Forsaken bride and the rest of the series was amazing, Song of the Dark Swan and The Dark City. Very hard to pick a favourite, but i think the one im playing now might be it.
Lost Grimoires 2 is incredible, the story, the artwork and the puzzles within puzzles are great. Still have The Secret Order 5 to play and can’t wait for the release of Queen’s Quest 3: The End of Dawn.on thursday.


:smile: My first was 9 Clues 2: The Ward, which definitely sold me on HOGs ever since!


I love the Grim Legends series, although possibly my favourite is Enigmatis: Mists of Ravenwood. Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink also charmed me. I think my first AM game was Nightmares from the Deep 2: The Siren’s Call.


Like almost everyone else Ghosts of Maple Creek is a favorite. Loved it, and was hooked.

I’d been playing The Room (OMG OMG OMG creepy and delightful), and was looking for tablet-style point and click games. A friend pointed me to FireMaple games I played The Lost City, and I did enjoy it. I later stumbled across Ghosts, which had much smoother gameplay, a better story line.

While I’ll always take a chance on any Artifex Mundi game out there as the quality tends to be superior, I’m also pretty fond of the Empress of the Deep series, and the European Mystery: Scent of Desire. The same company did another one where the main character was a jeweler rather than a perfumier. Good stories, good art and games that flowed logically with the story. Really good stuff.


The first one was “Grim Legends”. The game got me hooked up with AM. But usually I’m more into the darker and spookier side of adventuring, such as “9 Clues: The Ward”, “Enigmatis” or “Grim Legends 3”. E.g. the sane asylum in 9 Clues made me feel like home. :wink:


My first Artifex Mundi game I played was Dark Arcana: The Carnival. It was a blind buy in a steam sale and it got me hooked. After that I slowly picked up every game in the AM collection. I would have to say my favorite is either Enigmatis 2 or Nightmares from the Deep 2. Overall, I like the Enigmatis series the best. Its darker compared to the other games and I am a huge fan of the police work and mystery in it.