What is The best platform to HOPA?


What is The best platform to HOPA? Android, PS4, Xone, PC, IOs, Fire os or what? Tell us!
My favourite platform is Android, because I can play the best HOPA games wherever I am. :slight_smile:


My favourite platform is Android. Touch screen was made for adventure games :wink: Oh, and you can download many Artifex Mundi games for free (Amazon Underground).


I instaled Amazon Underground, but I can’t instal games for free. :frowning:


It’s easy.

  1. Make account on USA Amazon (must be amazon.com).
  2. Add your USA adress (only city and ZIP/Postal code must be correct). Try this. Street can be fake.
  3. Login to your USA account in Amazon Underground (tablet/smartphone)

It should work.


@TristeCordis Thanks!


PC! I like a big screen plus the mouse is so much more precise. I have difficulty playing something like Candy Crush on a phone, never mind a HOPA :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll agree with @slimmmeiske2.I just find it more comfortable sitting on my chair with my old-school computer.I like the Android versions as well,but I prefer the computer.


Definitely computer for adventure games. Late night, all lights off and just the game. You can feel like you are “in” the game, instead of outside it. I play tablet games for other genres but large screen is always going to be my first go to for an adventure and especially when it’s a new Artifex Mundi release. Recently got an iPad Pro 12.9-inch and may have to give that a try but I will always prefer a larger screen for a more immersive experience.


Exactly like @slimmmeiske2 @mikepaz and @Lila - computer. Lights off, big screen and there we go. My phone is 5.5-inch but I guess it’d still be too small - I’d miss on details.


I’ve got 7’’ tablet, do playing HOPA it’s easyly.


My favorite is the Android because I can play on my Samsung tablet. It’s much easier to hold and love the touch screen ability. The laptop is too cumbersome for me on the couch…


I normally play on my ipad air 2, but I prefer on the PC


I play on my mac. I like using a mouse instead of a gaming controller. All the games run perfect on it :slight_smile:


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Here is windows phone (10).


I would say console or PC with big screen. I mean 40 inches and more. (Size matters :smirk:) Personally I play on Xbox One connected to 27" monitor, but with bigger screen, you will able to see this little damn bastards which are hidden on the lowest layer.


I prefer play to my computer.


Exactly like me :sunglasses:


I 100% agree with you… Android is the best wtg especially with Underground… It’s portable, convenient & (most) can access the internet virtually anywhere.


Android 10" tablet + beer + huge armchair.