Welcome! :) Who You are?


Thank you Gabi :slight_smile: ! It’s encouraging for me :smiley:


Hi, folks. My name’s Kell. I’m retired IT, and now an aspiring writer full time. (Twice the time, twice the guilt!) It’s been great watching AM’s games evolve.


Hey everyone I’m Tamika from Chicago Illinois I’m a Bachelors of Science in Computer Information Systems with. A focus in Computer Forensics graduate I’m new to all of this the only Games I’ve play so far are Fairy Tale Mysteries 2 and Ghost Files Face of Guilt so far I’m liking everything


Hello everybody!

A little late for the hype train, as it’s been some time since the launch now, haha… ha… WELP! Glad to see how fast this new forum is developing :3

I’m a Polish fan of adventure point-and-clicks and (gasp, nobody expects that) HOGs! My favourite Artifex Mundi series is Nightmares from the Deep… I think? Seriously, I really like most of the ones that I had the chance to play up until now.

Hope to get chatty with all of you here! :kissing_heart:


@merryawe @Mikachu4531 @EmmaoLantern Nice to meet You! Enjoy this forum!


Hello, I’m Greg. Living in northern Colorado, USA. I’m an amateur photographer and writer. I used to be a heavy gamer but relaxed for about ten years. Now I’m back playing Diablo III with the clan Old Man Gamerz (not exclusively male). I wanted to find a good hack 'n slash for mobile and came across Bladebound. So I’m new to Artifex Mundi but enjoying myself so far.


So cool! Hi Greg! Welcome in our AM family! :wink:


Hi, I’m Peter from Germany and I love Bladebound game so much. I play it on my Android tablet Galaxy Tab 2. Other games I love to play are Eternium: Mage and Minions, Earthcore: Shattered Elements and Smash Hit.

My big fave is bladebound!

Best regards to all of you


Hi friends greetings know all …
I am from Indonesian, happy to meet great and super cool people like you here … I am a heavy fan & heavy addict rpg hardcore game, race, action, shooter & battle especially in other heavy mobile & games (Initially I my gaming & hobby junkies start from play station 1, ps x (I never again touch the console game world, ps 2, ps 3 & ps 4 for being too busy with my work out there), and switch to mobile games as more simple & practical …). I personally only recognize Artifex Mundi about ± 2 months … When I play this bladebound reminds me of the first hardcore rpg game on my first android from wild blood game, d4 to d5 … and honestly I started to like and fell in love with this one game especially bladebound … Hopefully the future is better guys … :call_me_hand::blush::ok_hand:

(sorry bad for english, via google translate).

Best regards,



Hello guys,
How are you?
My name is Gabriel, 28 years old and I live in Brazil, I work with software development.
A few months ago, I found the BladeBound game, I really liked the gameplay, the graphics, among other things.
I know a lot about the game, so I decided to register on the forum to help all players. :heart_eyes::kissing_heart:


Oi Gabriel! Great to hear such words, we’re happy to have you here. :slight_smile: Saudacoes da Polonia :wink:


Hello everybody, Im Sreten from Belgrade Serbia. Im 45 years old, love puzzle games among others especially Artifex Mundi games. I like a lot how they are doing their games with nice visuals, puzzles are interesting.
I played a lot of games from Artifex, but my favorite is Abyss: The Wraths Of Eden, finished it few times so far.
Playing all games on my PC via steam.
My goal is to complete my collection of Artifex Mundi titles so far I purchased 50 titles, still missing 7 games to have all. I am a real fan of this company. Sorry for long text, wanted to say all those things.


Hey Sreten! :wave:
Actually, if I remember correctly, Abyss was my first AM title too!
Definitely a good one for a starter. :3


Hey Guys! Nice to meet you all. I’m Louie and I’m from the Philippines. This is my first time to play Bladebound and I’m still learning the game. Hope I can get some tips and see you around!


A tired dad of 2 that likes to relax with HOPA games when said 2 finally go to sleep, while wife is watching “The good wife”.


Hello everybody.

I am from the UK and play games on my Xbox One. I have every title released to date and eagerly await more. I love the visual styles of the Artifex games.