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Hello Guys! I’m Natalia and I’m a part of Artifex Mundi’s PR Team. I’ll be helping Gabi and Lukas from time to time. :slight_smile: Nice to meet you all!


@Nadya Hello! :grinning:


Hi I’m Kendell from NYC I am a point and click adventure games junkie I am not a fan of hidden object games at all so it get hard to find games to play that’s not so HOG HEAVY.Been playing games since 2007 started with the Nancy Drew series which I still play when a new one is released. A.M have some interesting games I have downloaded and hope to enjoy.


Hello, everyone! :smiley_cat:

My name is Luci and I’m from SEAsia! I work as a graphic designer/character artist for some indie tabletop games! I’ve only started playing HOGs over a year ago but I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve been aware of them but I never knew there were so many of them! How I’ve been missing out on so much fun, I’ve been doing my best to catch up, playing about one title a day.

My jaw always drops on how beautiful the interfaces and backgrounds are for HOGs! Artifex was the first company of HOGs I played, so needless to say, AM is responsible for my newfound addiction lmao! :raised_hands:

I have a lot of friends who aren’t hardcore gamers and they love doing the HO scenes with me. They always ask me if they could do those and I just do the puzzles. I think it’s a fun way to bond with buddies without complicated games!


Hello, I’m Indigo and I’m in the UK. I’m a 3D model creator and digital artist, and also proud to be a beta tester for Artifex Mundi. The HOGs by Artifex Mundi are beautiful and showed me what could be achieved with this genre by the right team of people. I greatly admire the artists who make them look so gorgeous, but also the developers and other team members as my limited attempts at game making have given me a respect for how much goes into making a game work.


Hello, everyone. I’m from Florida.

I am disabled and a couple years ago I was having a difficult time accepting the fact that there wasn’t much I could physically do. Especially after being an outdoor enthusiast for so many years prior.

I started looking for games on my Android tablet and found Clockwork Tales. I cannot tell you how much that changed my spirit. I had so much fun and found a break from the multiple issues that disability causes. I just love the beautiful graphics and the fact that I can use my mind to escape the things I have no control over. It’s been truly a life-saver for me when I am couch-bound and cannot do much. I was looking for something that used my mind instead of just “zombie-ing” out on movies.

I think I have almost all the HOPA games that AM has created. I REALLY love the morphing objects and collections as that gives an additional element of fun to the actual game. It’s really nice to “Acheive” something when there are days just the basics of living are an effort. (And, of course the map, as sometimes I need just that little push to know where I’m supposed to go.)

I’m pleased that there are Artifex Mundi PR team members here. I don’t know how to thank your entire team for the work you do to make the games interesting fantasy stories along with the multiple puzzles, HOG’s, fun, glitch free and with the gorgeous graphics.

Thanks again and please pass on to the rest of the entire organization how much their work is truly appreciated.


Nice to meet you , My name is Janeth , I am from Colombia, nowadays I am a beta tester for artifex mundi.
I love video games.


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Thanks! I Activated it. :grinning:
@Gabi You made this day beautyful!


My name is Julita and I’m from Poland. My main hobbies are games, books and movies. I also like writing articles about titles which I have played, read or watched. As regards HOPA games, I appreciate their relaxing and engaging nature. In my opinion, this genre is the perfect way to have fun while I am in good or bad mood (due its casual character I can concentrate on pleasant stories, interesting puzzles and attractive graphics, thus I completely detach from daily problems). So, Artifex Mundi is one of my favorite video game companies. :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you all!:blush:


Hi Marcin Great to hear you love Artifex games. Me too! I live on a tiny island in the UK. Great gaming my friend. :guardswoman::guardswoman::guardswoman:Whichis your favourite game?


Hi Kiri
So pleased you have found an outlet to enjoy! These are beautiful games that I too love playing. I can understand how frustrating life can get when you sofa bound. For nearly a year I had an illness which meant I was on the sofa reading piles of lovely books and iPad game. I like Artifex as you get such a good storyline and fantastic graphics. I play Artifex and other iPad games and these too saved my sanity and were hours of fun. I am well again and up and about but I will always have my daily dose of Artifex games - I Just Love Them !

Have a great gaming session Kiri :joystick::computer::desert_island:

Best wishes
Shawdian :rose::butterfly:


Hello, I’m Marcin too. :slight_smile: I love all Artifex Mundi games. My favourites are Lost Gimores, Agent Walker, Enigmatis, Nighimares From The deep, Crime Secret and The Secret Order.
Nice to meet You all!
Enjoy! :smiley:


Hi! I’m Ji Guoqiang. I’m from China. I started playing Artifex Mundi games 1 year ago. The first game is Time Mysteries Serie. This serie’s plot and music are amazing! Now, I’ve been playing Artifes Mundi games, and thanks for translating these games to Chinese.
I’m a game video maker, I will promote Artifex Mundi and Artifex Mundi games through my videos in China.
Thank you very much, Artifex Mundi.
十分感谢,Artifex Mundi。


Hi, I am Peter from Poland. I am front-end developer. I work on macOS and play on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

I am also a podcaster and content creator :slight_smile:

It is nice to meet you all!



My name is Emma, i’m French. I’m an illustrator and steampunk/fantasy, jewel maker ( this is my professional facebook page if you see my work : https://www.facebook.com/Rouages-et-Créations-207905145900683/) I made mechanical steampunk creature for exemple this owl : https://www.facebook.com/207905145900683/photos/a.354918254532704.90552.207905145900683/1558920804132437/?type=3&theater

I like puzzle game of Artifex Mundi, my favorit are : Grim Legend 1 and 3 and all Nightmare from the Deep.

Nice to meet you, all.


Nice to meet You, too!!


Hi my name is salma I’m from Morocco


@EmmaoLantern hey there! We checked your fanpage on facebook and wow - we love your work! Keep up the great work! :frowning:
Hi @selmafex! :slight_smile: