Welcome! :) Who You are?


@HonorAlexandria, it was amazing to read your story. I’m so happy our games gave you some happiness throughout something as hard as chemotherapy. Lots of love from us! <3

@TristeCordis, we made a “making of” video some time ago for Bladebound, but when I think of it a vlog showing around the company would also be great… I have to put more thought to it! :slight_smile:


Hi !! My name is Tiffany/Arsinowey and I’m a huge HOG fan. . .I like point n click adventure’s, survival, adventure’s, word games and honestly, just about every genre except shooters, I’m no good at them lol . . .

I raised my 3 kids to game and now I’m getting my grand kids on the road to gaming. . .
I play a whole bunch on steam as well as BF and gamehouse. . .
Nice to meet everyone and thanks for the forum !!


@Arsinowey so, SO cool! Kids and grandkids gamers - now that’s what I call family goals! :slight_smile: Glad to have you here!


Thank you and yes, it’s really fun to play games with my kids and the little ones as well. . .


Hey I’m Adam Cyzner from Charlotte, NC. I LOVE Artifex Mundi and their games and always know I will have a good experience with each of their games.


Hi mikepaz. See you made it over from Pond Friends

Glad to see you as well tiramisu321 from Pond Friends. We seem to be slowly getting more “Pondies” here on this site.


Hi, I’m Peggy. I found AM games several years ago and always look for new ones when I’m ready for a new game. I play them at night to wind down before going to sleep, so it usually takes me a few weeks to get through a game. Every single game I’ve played has been great! Currently, I’m playing DH3: Revelation on my MacBook. Thanks for the forum, AM!


Hello I’m Lilly and I’m from North Carolina, USA


Hi @Tiramisu321, @sunnyglow and @biogal! Good to have you guys here! :slight_smile:

@biogal, lucky you I guess - I usually finish them in between 2-3 sittings, and then I just regret I went through so quickly :slight_smile:


I’m Paweł. I am a programmer so nobody cares what I do ;D


Hi, I’m Maciej and I’m a corporate spy :sunglasses:


Super excited that we have Artifex Mundi forums now, woot!! I just adore AM games. :smiley: My name is Ashley and I live near Dallas, Texas. I have so many AM games and usually am playing a couple at a time!

I work as a moderator and social media/engagement specialist for a kids MMO game. I love that AM HQ’s are in Poland; my mother is Polish and immigrated to the US in the 60’s.

Thanks for making great games!


Hi, everyone. I’m Luisa aka Luuh, I’m from Minas Gerais, Brazil. I’ve been playing Artifex Mundi games since they came out on Steam, but I already knew about them. The Hidden Objects is my favorite type. (:
Até mais or bye bye


Hello everyone!!! I’m Jordi from Barcelona (Spain). I’m a hardcore gamer since… wel… since I got my hand on a ZX Spectrum, I love all platforms and some time ago I discovered those wonderful HO games from Artifex Mundi.

I like playing them with my wife in wathever platform I can, they’re great! Keep them coming!


I have to admit, I wasn’t even familiar with Bladebound until you mentioned it (and I saw others mention it here). I’ll have to check it out this week!


You’re so much more than that :wink: Welcome to our humble forum :slight_smile:


Hello Everyone! :slight_smile: My name is Łukasz, but you can call me Lucas :wink: I’m a PR Specialist at Artifex Mundi and supporting @Gabi in this glorious forum endeavor. Some of you may know me from Pond Friends and AM Contests on Steam where I manage Artifex Mundi official profiles.


Hello @Lucas
And other users!


Hi. I’m Agent P (user name, of course). I haven’t played very many Artifex Mundi games but have liked the ones I have. I have an LP channel over on YouTube where I record various video games. One from Artifex is cued up for later. Looking forward to chilling over here.


Hello everyone, i’m MrFactor5 (real name Antonio), i’m from Italy and i have played basically all Artifex Mundi Games. Happy to meet other players, and also very happy to see another Italian here.