Welcome! :) Who You are?


I’m Marcin, I’m from Poland, Tychy. I love Artifex Mundi’s games. I use Open Source and Linux :slight_smile:. I Play HOPA in Android and Linux. How about You?


I’m Marek i’m from Poland too i live in Zagłębie, Artifex Mundi create cool game, i wrok in win platform and android on mobile :slight_smile:


My name is peter and i’m from ireland. Love AM games and have played all of them.
Used to be a moderator on a sports site , very busy site.
So if AM are ever short a mod for the forum, just drop me an email.


Hi my name is Sunny. Ii work as a chemical engineer in the Houston, Texas area. Artifex Mundi shall always remain my favorite developer. So excited to be here. Glad they have started their own Forum. I remember their games from Big Fish Games. However, Big Fish offers fewer of their games.


Hello everyone, my name is Greg and I live in Seattle, Washington, USA. I’m a lifelong fan of puzzle games and point-and-click adventures and I really love the Artifex Mundi games for occupying a sweet spot between the two. I haven’t played all of their games yet but I’ve played a bunch and they’re always entertaining and relaxing. Great to be able to chat with other fans.


Hello everyone, I’m Feena. I’m a student. I’ve been an Artifex Mundi fan since they published their games on BFG and I even followed them more on steam, I enjoyed every HOG they gave us and I wish to see more.


Hi everyone. I’m Adam from Poland. Work as a graphician designer.


Hi, names Ash (Ashbo) from the UK, only started playing Artifex Mundi titles on the PS4 recently & I love them. Very enjoyable.

Nice to see there is a forum here now. :slight_smile: look forward to discussing current & future games. :slight_smile:


Hi everyone :slight_smile:
I’m Luigi from Italy, I’m a software engineer and in the spare time an indie gamedev.
I’m a long time player (since the 80s), especially adventure games, I’m big fan of HOGs and thanks to Steam I’m getting to play the whole AM catalog xD


Hi!My name is Mike and I’m from Greece.I’m just an ordinary teenager who spends his time playing HOPA games.Artifex Mundi really is one of the best developers in that sector!It’s nice they created their own forum now.Makes you feel like a part of a big community :relaxed:


Nice to meet You, friends!



I’m Hero. I’m an American living in Japan.

I’m kind of obsessed with how atmospheric Artifex Mundi games are. The experience reminds me of Disneyland with its immersion.


Hi I’m Katie I’m from upstate NY, USA . I’ve been playing Artifex Mundi games since they came out on Android. I really enjoy HOG & adventure style games and I appreciate AM’s platform & storylines… they do a good job of drawing you into the game. I’m really excited to meet other AM game enthusiasts.


Hello, I’m Norppa from Finland :smiley: :turtle: And I just love these games for their atmosphere and gameplay which is always really simple but secure and from time to time adding something new with some installments. And it’s kind of like a secure shot if you want high quality HO games with always intriguing settings!


Hi, my name is Lila. I live in the US. I prefer playing adventure games on a large screen. Been a huge fan of Artifex Mundi since 2011 when they introduced the Enigmatis series.

I’m from the computer Stone Age when you booted up a computer and switched between programs with a 5¼-inch floppy disk and DOS commands. My first adventure games were simple graphics and text based but I was hooked from the beginning.


Hello to each and every one of you guys!
I’m very, VERY glad to see so many of you here from all sorts of places. I’m really grateful we can gather all together here. :slight_smile:

As my nickname says, my name is Gabi and I work at Artifex Mundi as the community manager, so I’m here for you guys. Thank you for all the posts, DM you’ve sent to me - really means a lot.

I live in Katowice, Poland, where we also have the Artifex Mundi office.
One day I’ll have to make a video/take some photos to show you guys around the place where all of our games come to life! :slight_smile:


@Gabi Photos from AM office? It would be awesome. Maybe you should make “behind the scenes/making of” or something like “day in AM studio” video?

Oh, who am I? My name is Paweł. I’m 31 years old and I live in Mońki (Poland). I love Star Wars, FPS, RPG, racing and adventure/puzzle games (Bioshock, Skyrim, Myst series, Project Cars, Talos Principle and many more). My favorite kind of music is trance (Paul van Dyk, ATB, Armin van Buuren, Alex Morph…). Nice to meet you :slight_smile:


Hello! I’m from the US (Florida, to be exact) and it’s great to see and meet players from all over the world.

It seems so long ago I first encountered Artifex through the Enigmatis game.

I remember being really impressed with the beautiful artwork, the story and the puzzles! At that time, there weren’t many HOPA games, just HO games with a slight story. To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of hidden object game-play. But I do love a good puzzle. So puzzles woven into a beautifully illustrated story? I was hooked!

It’s been a pleasure to watch the AM company and style grow. I remember being super excited about Enigmatis 2, and I can’t tell you how many people I recommended the NotD series to.

Now I can’t keep track of all the games out!

Real story: Artifex games helped me out when I had to go through 6 months of chemotherapy. I was depressed, bored, and too exhausted to do much of anything. Most of the time, I just didn’t have the energy to play other games, or I could only play for a short time so I needed something I could easily shut down (no save points). So I turned to HOPA games, and most of them were Artifex. Honestly, I think playing those games also helped my brain. Studies have shown that playing puzzles keeps the brain healthy, especially during traumatic events like chemo.

So thank you Artifex Mundi. :slight_smile:

These days, I still enjoy casual HOPA games, and when I have time I also enjoy playing MMOs and RPGs. .


Meybe You try Bladebound, Artifex hack’n’slash RPG? Nice to meet You all!


Good to hear, I make Trance on Recoverworld/Discover label! Nice tastes mate :thumbsup: :wink: