Unique item +1 batch: what does it mean?


Hi there,
Recently I upgraded a unique item and now there is a +1 batch on the image… Can anyone tell me what this means? :slight_smile:

The object:
It is a lava amulet,
3 stars,
Evolution 8/50,
+343y to weapon
Skill lvl 3/20
474% fire damage


I guess You talk about mastery level of Your item - each time You fuse an item with same type item (for example weapon with weapon) there is very small chance to rise its mastery level (there is mastery chance info just on the left from Fuse button). Each point is +1 to main item stat.


I see a player who has an item with +26. So it means that the item state is 26 times stronger than the same item but has no + . Right?


Też mnie to ciekawi jaka jest zależność


@Archtan nie zupełnie o to chodzi wszystko jest wyjaśnione w jednym temacie


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