Tiny Tales - Heart of the Forest Issue


Got all the way to assembling the second flight feather. Hint does nothing. No actions to be performed. No locations marked for actions. Nothing to click on in any room. I’m stuck.

Tiny Tales - Heart of the Forest

Hi John,
We’ve already posted an update yesterday. Please make sure you got the latest version.
If you got any problems, please remember to write us some more details, at least operating system or platform could help us a lot to find the resolution - iOS, MacAppStore, Google, Amazon, Steam?
If you got any questions or suggestions, go ahead!
We really appreciate the feedback you give us :slight_smile:



same problem here. Game purchased on the MacAppleStore, my Computer is an iMac running Lion (10.7.5). With the first patch, the bug of the trophy of the mini games was solved, after the second patch the bug of the assembly of the second feather showed up. It’s a nasty thing releasing a patch who mess an already working title :confused:



We’ve already posted an update on MacAppStore (version 1.0.3) but we are waiting for Apple to turn that update live.
Stay tuned, I’ll let you know, when it’s live :slight_smile:


EDIT: Update is live everywhere! Make sure you have the latest version :slight_smile:


Hello Denis,

Thank You very much for the fast answer. I already downloaded the patch, just trying to find time to test it (here the weather is terrible, too heat to stay on a computer). I hope it works, the game is really amazing. :slight_smile:

Edit: Played the game from beginning to end (both episodes), it works perfectly!! Thank You very much, and please, no more patches!! :smile:
Also, posted a new review on the MacAppleStore, this time positive!! :relieved:


Downloaded the update, and still have the issue. Windows 10 PC platform.


@MrFactor5 It’s great! I’m happy to read that :slight_smile:
@jsemenek Sorry, I forgot to mention that you have to play the game on new profile if you’ve already encountered that problem. Please, take my apologies, but technically it’s impossible to fix your old profile.