These offers though


Lately you have added in some pop-up offers. I get that you have them and that you need them but man they are annoying! They slow down the game quite a lot which occurres in random pop-ups.
I.e, I have just exited an arena, goes to inventory, tries to fuse an item and upon choosing the vile to fuse with, the pop-up appeares (prob because of a delay) - I tab the pop-up by accident and is directed to the store. Tabbing the back button sends me back to home screen… And this happens a lot. Sometimes i get directed to the store even without seeing the pop-up - I guess this happens because the tab event is ready to be triggered before the pop-up has rendered, since you have this fade-in on the pop-ups.
A fix could be to specify more specific situations to create the pop-ups instead of everytime you exit something. And also making the pop-up less graphical and thereby more lightweight would fix the delay and the event-before-render-triggering. :slight_smile:


Thanks, that’s a very valuable observation :slight_smile: We’ll add the store triggering event delay in next “minor fixes” update :slight_smile:

We’ll also improve the way popups appear.

Thank you for your feedback!

But I have a question, what is your device?


Awesome. I look forward to it! :slight_smile:
Ah yes, I forgot that important detail. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S6.


It’s the same in my case and I am sure it is the same in every player’s case.


Is there a way that the pop-ups could be handled with a toggle in the settings menu? A button to turn them off entirely, to ‘mute’ them as you would the sounds or music, even if it’s only for the rest of the day? Perhaps a button on the bottom of the pop-up to disable them for the rest of the day? Perhaps they could be set on a timer, so that they only trigger upon re-entering the main menu if it’s been X-amount of minutes (5, 10, 15 minutes; whatever may work out to be balanced and feasible,) since the last one triggered?

I’m on Samsung Mega, and it’s getting on in age. Such functions can cause quite a bit of lag, and it has actually crashed my phone on one occasion so far. I’m hoping that something can be done to make these ads feel at least a LITTLE less intrusive and constant.

Aside from that, thanks for all your hard work


Hello, thank you for your comment :slight_smile:
We do not plan to add “toggle button” (although it’s a good idea ;)) but we are going to decrease popups frequency of appearance.
Since all our updates are now planned and scheduled, this fix will not be released soon :frowning:
I’m sorry but we support 4 platforms so they need to be consistent.
But I want you to know that we keep that in mind :wink:


Okay, cool. If they are slated to be reduced eventually, that’s better than nothing. Anything is better than the current model, and my primary concern was just that it be addressed in some manner. I’ll take a reduction, if that’s what’s planned.


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