The continuation of which games you want to see?


The continuation of which games you want to see?

I want to see Grim Legends, Nighmares From The Deep, Lost Gimores, Agent Walker and Crime Secrets: Crimson Lily.
And You?



Vampire Legends once again… Hahaha :joy:

Can’t wait for Eventide 3 to be officially out!

And who would not love an Enigmatis 4?!


@Gabi Oh, I forgot about Enigmatis :open_mouth:,
It’s very Amazing, so it’s obvious that YES!


Grim Legends, Fairytale Mysteries, Vampire Legends and 9 Clues are definitely on my please-continue-list.
Enigmatis and Nightmares of the Deep just feel finished to me.


Abyss: The Wraiths of Eden - avesome level design. You can call it: “Bioshock: Abyss. The hidden object adventure” :wink:


BioShock Abyss sounds really good, I will play.


Yes definitely. But „9 Clues" could be also a nice continuation.


I really miss NIGHTMARES FROM THE DEEP, something about playing under water was really cool.


But meybe seson pass?


I agree with everything, apart Enigmatis. Need more Enigmatis games.


And Deamon Hunter! And it Canon be horror.


I definitely see 9 Clues having so many different stories! I love detective stories so I’d love to always have a series to look forward to revolving around it!