Same stats diferent level


I have a unique weapon @ 3180 damage and
a legendary weapon @ 3180 damage.
Identical stars and enhancement. What is the diference?


Hey @grigri
Legendary weapon will be stronger on next evolution level.



If I evolve and upgrade common and legendary items to the max, is it true that the max stat and evolved legendary item is always better than the common one? So, common items cannot be better than the legednary?


@Archtan yes, that’s true.


And what is the difference between mastery e.g. +3 and level up e.g. 4/30?

Does it mean mastery can only push a stat limit in a small number?

Does it mean level-up can make the ability stronger? For example, the xp is 1/30 is 1000, so will the xp in 4/30 mean 4000?