Question about Snake Master's Plate


I got a Snake Master’s Plate from the chest and I already evolve it to Tier5. I wonder why it looks different from the advertisement. From the advertisement, there is snake’s head at both shoulders and the character wears a crown but in fact, there is no snake’s head at both shoulders and there is no crown. Why?


What advertisement are You talking about?


From an in-game advertisement in loading screen before entering main screen. Today, I log in to the game and it still advertises Snake Master’s Plate Armor.


Hi @Metal
Congratulations for being so observant :open_mouth: This variant isn’t available… yet :wink:
To be completely honest, it was a mistake, we didn’t mean to mislead you.
I guess we have no choice but to change that image… or put that variant in game :wink:


Thank you for an explanation. Because I am not sure that I have to level up its skill in order to make change to its appearance or not. So I can use my skill up booster with other items instead.


My question is answered ahahaha