PS4 Trophy not unlocking - Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride


The trophy “The hard way” for finishing the game in expert mode is not unlocking for me. Played through the game in expert mode 3 times now, the last time in one session without exiting the game. I have not skipped any mini games or HOPs, played through the bonus chapter in expert mode, found all elusive objects/spirits and received all other trophies. Deleted the save file and reinstalled the game, but nothing. Any suggestions what to do to get this trophy?


Did You play minigames in hidden-object scene?


I did one playthrough with all minigames without skipping and all hidden-object-scenes without any hint. Then I did another playthrough again with all minigames without skipping and all domino games without any help. Every time of course in expert mode (there were not hints on the map or sparkling on useful objects). I received all other minigame, hidden-object-scene and domino related trophies.

If you mean by “minigames in hidden-object scene” for example the scene in the hutt where you have to build the coffee mill, then yes.


Thanks for not helping at all. Put in another hard drive and played a fourth time with a fresh trophy set. Again trophy not unlocking. There must be a special condition i’m missing although finishing the game on expert mode should be the only one. A lot of other players are getting this trophy, but i’m not, so tell me what to do.


I was the first person to get this trophy on PSNProfiles - I didn’t have any issues - on PS4 Pro. Just completed the main game on Expert - can’t remember if you had to do the bonus as well, you usually don’t have too, The bonus is usually only to get the HOG and Mini-game trophies.

Maybe it’s your region? Mine was from the UK. As long as you started the game in Expert and played through it without changing it then it should pop. when you finish the game I recommend watching the credits as well - in some games if you skip the credits then it may miss the pop?