Physical Sentinels


So, I realized there are only two types of physical sentinels skills. Temptation (Used in Advanced Gear) and Deadly Precision (Used in Normal Gear).
But I found out temptation, currently is lacking. It’s health is just too low. It dies extremely fast, as it doesn’t do anything aside from luring and taking hits.
Whilst deadly precision can add to your power so much you can one hit those tough monsters in high waves in arena, as long as you can avoid getting hit.
With those in mind I believe Deadly Precision to be the one worth of advanced gears, or a rework of temptation is in order.
Tough I don’t know how to make it useful without breaking the game, I believe instead of health it should have invincibility and have the 15 second scale with stat. Or make its health be 1000 instead of 100, right now it last much less than the 15 seconds.
Also its not as effective as it should, most times when using it enemies are still targeting me and eventually it allows me to die.

Also I would like to know if your planning in having two tiers of each rarity in each element? Normal and Advanced Types inside the Common, Unique and Legendary rarities.