Noir Chronicles: City of Crime - 'Steady Hand' achievement on Xbox won't unlock


I have already sent a message to AM on facebook about this problem, but thought I would post here too.

I’ve just finished playing Noir Chronicles: City of Crime on Xbox One. Some of the achievements were delayed (usually only unlocking if I exit the game to dashboard, then returned to the game) but there is ONE achievement that just will NOT unlock at all. The achievement is ‘Steady Hand’ and in order to unlock it you must: “Complete a Hidden Object Puzzle without a mistake” I have done what is required to unlock, in fact, I have completed at least 10 hidden object games without making any mistakes, yet it remains locked!

I have all AM games on Xbox, I have 100% on all of them, but this one achievement staying locked is preventing me for getting 100% completion on this game, which is very frustrating.

Has anyone else had this issue?


You should send a message here:

I was completely ignored for a problem in a game on a different platform, contacted them and the problem was solved. Maybe the forum isn’t really checked often.


Thanks, maybe emailing them is the best thing to do. I’ll try that. Thanks for your reply and for giving me their email address :smiley:


You are always welcome BadRobot! :smiley:


Hiya; The PROBLEM Is SOLVED with this glitched Achievment/Trphy, the same happened to me after loads of tries and also I deleted just my saved data nothing worked. FIX you after delete your saved data and uninstall the game, reinstall the game, do the objective for the puzzle to get the Achievment/Trophy. 100% Another Done!