Modern tales - age of invention


the game has stopped working at the point shown in the screen capture , i cannot use the extinguisher to put out the fire


Any chance of a reply of some sort l don’t like buying games that don’t work


why am i being totally ignored , different matter when i’m handing the money over for a game , i have bought quite a few games in the past , but i will not be buying anymore , support is disgraceful


Hello Musomaniac,

since no one answer You, i’ll try to help. First thing: which platform the game is running? Windows, MacOS, Mobile, Consoles?
Second: which version of the OS You have? Also, the game completely freeze, or You are able to play, but not to use the extinguisher? If You give me some information, i’ll try to help (had the same problem on my mac, solved simply deactivating options of the mouse). Calm down, there’s always a solution.