Ghost Files:Face of Guilt Help


I play Ghost Files on my Note 5 Android phone and I’m stuck on the puzzle where you have to save the red, green, and orange sliders I’ve tried everything looked for walkthroughs etc this is my final hope of someone could give me a hint on how to do this puzzle I would appreciate it. Thank you


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Its not really a technical issue more like a I’m stuck and don’t know what I should do next issue


I can’t recall any particularly difficult puzzle in this game, you must be missing something obvious. With that said, I can’t even remember the exact puzzle you’re talking about. I’ve checked in game and there are eight minigames, but none fits your description. Can you add more details or, preferably, post a screenshot?


its the puzzle where you have the 3 numbers and the three colors red orange and green the numbers go 1-5



Sorry took awhile to respond but I posted a screenshot


Sorry, I didn’t see your earlier posts, only today received a notification.

I don’t know how much I should spoil it for you, but the answer was hidden in the radio.

It was 312.

However I played on PC and your screenshot looks a little bit different. If I was to guess I’d say your answer should be 312 or 212 looking at the colors of the rectangles.


Thank you sorry I should have mentioned I play on my Note 5 I did not see anything in the radio how could I have missed that LoL


Well glad you’ve got it sorted and sorry it took so long to get back to you!