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Here you can start any discussion regarding the Nightmares From The Deep series.



I have this & the second one to play. They look interesting these two.

Keep up the good work AM. :wink:


My favourite AM game was the 1st Nightmares from the Deep,that’s why this series has a special place in my heart.:heart_eyes:


Because it’s amazing, beautyful, super etc. :grinning:


((prepare for long post :,D))
The first Nightmares from the Deep was a real kicker for my love to artifex mundi. Even though I had played before that many HO games with “sad lovers” or the “Romeo and Juliet” ish scenario this one felt kinda different and new. Maybe partially because of the setting and the story, which was tbh quite believable ((of course with all the magic and stuff)). The one thing which kinda irritated me wasgameplay wise where there wasn’t a “teleportation map” which caused the player go back and forth again and again but maybe you can blame it on the time it was made. It was compensated by the fact that the map was quite small and objectives easy to understand. Also when replaying it I realized that it was pretty tedious and you just wanted to things to progress quicker and get to the good stuff. But overall really liked it and was super exited when I knew there was sequels coming!

The second one was good also and took some good inspiration from Lovecraft! Also points for the collectibles, gameplay and bonus game! The story however wasn’t as complicated as the first one and also if you ignore all the minigames and HOH scenes it was also pretty short? Like the first half you are just going after the carriage and the second reaching the lighthouse and the third defeating kraken. The story was in huge chunks which kind of made it ask for more? Maybe something more about the villagers revolting or the transformation. Also if you ignored the whole the love relationship between the siren and fishman you didn’t really miss much. I think the story could have used more potential it had but it also works like that too! Despite the story’s problems it’s pacing was really good and though the simplicity it also made a very solid plot! Definitely one of my fave HOH games!

The last installment is still my favourite of the all three! The ending is an eternal tearjerker for me and that the possible love interest is absent makes it more possible to relate to characters and make player feel more connected to them! ((also sad, because god that ending)) And it also wouldn’t have really fitted there but I have seen that the love setting is kinda unavoidable if there’s two characters who’re of opposite gender… The collectibles where really interesting and it really encouraged players to search and look around. The gameplay altogether felt really sturdy and secure making the player more invested in the playing itself and also the story.

So yeah these were my quick thoughts about the series and please feel free to start discussing about these and please give your own thought of it! Would love to hear them! :smiley: :sunny:


@norppa yeaaaah the lack of the teleporting maps is always a bummer with the older games.
Must agree the setting and story were truly awesome!


Familiar to Pirates of Caribean…


I’m the same! Nightmares from the Deep was the second Artifex game I was exposed to and I loved it, even more than the first I played (Enigmatis).


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