[GAME SERIES] Eventide - discussion


Hi guys! :smile_cat:

Here you can start any discussion regarding the Eventide series.



Awesome news about this coming to PS4 next wk.

Just saw the trophy list for it & will be buying this definitely on 25th. :smiley:

I love these games & just finished Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride last night.

Here’s to many more titles for the PS4. :thumbsup:


And Dark Arcana: The Carnival will be on PS 4 June 27th. I played Evidente 2 and it was nice.
Very thanks for artbook, it look amazing. :grin:


Ahh sweet, will look forward to that too. These games are great & a nice change to all the 3rd & First person games I usually play. Lets hope it continues & they launch plenty more.


Eventide 2 has more stunning graphics than first part. Realy like the adventure. Need some more and more :slight_smile:


Just finished the BETA for Eventide 3!So happy to learn that a PS4 version for Eventide 1 will launch next week!Here’s a post I found from Facebook for all the upcoming releases for the next 3 months!


Aren’t we all excited for the third part!? :smiley:


I played beta and it was super, so I will play.


Liked Eventide 2 more than 1, but both were quite good. Haven’t tried the beta of No3 not yet…


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Hi I am Sandra and I love enigmatis the 2nd best game. My loveliest is Demon Hunter. Enigmatis 3 is based and created by an female Assassin? I had so much fun. That’s so a wonderful game to could it play often. I be play with my Samsung Tablet Android 6 with Google Play.

I wish everyone a wonderful gaming!



Eventide 2: Sorcerer’s Mirror, long-awaited continuation of the slavic adventure game, will make its debut on Playstation 4 on September 26th.

I know you guys have waited really long to have it on PlayStation 4 console, so I hope you’re excited as much as I am! :slight_smile:


It’s aliiiiveeeeee! :wink:


And let us know your thoughts!