[GAME SERIES] Enigmatis - discussion


Hi guys! :smile_cat:

Here you can start any discussion regarding the Enigmatis series.



i play first enigmatis cool game


I played in all Enigratis on Android and PC. Yes, it’s amazing game! Brawo Artifex! :slight_smile:


Yeh, this one was enjoyable. All the games I’ve played on PS4 have been good. :wink:


I like this series very much. Great artwork, audio and overall very absorbing. :slight_smile:


I agree mate, the delivery of these games is very good & well done.

Im pleased to hear that more are coming soon.


I player all the games from the series and is so cool.


We played these three on Twitch with @Mary1517… Truly nice games, but I’m not done with the third part yet.
So many games, so little time. :wink:


@Gabi You should play, it’s very nice game! :relaxed:


My new favorite from Artifex Mundi. Exceptional. To me, one of your best!


Definitely one of the best. Stunning graphics.


@Linuksiarz I know I should, but I want to at least start as many series as possible… I will come back to E3 though!


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