Fusion - all you need to know [Hodon's guide]


This guide was originally created by Hodon, one of our all-time top players, for the Bladebound forum.

Mastery levels symbolized by the + values in the upper left corner of the card object, eg. + 1, + 2 etc. add to the basic object statistics, which are health points, attack, strength (depending on the item) the very value of this bonus. So, for example, if a weapon has 2,000 attack and is masterfully improved to +10, its total number of attack is 2010, and importantly, the bonus is treated as a “base” of the object, that is, all bonuses are multiplied by this value. These improvements can be made indefinitely, and the chance to increase its depends only on:

  • the amount of ingredients
  • let’s call it the item’s “tier”, or number of the object’s stars *.

Regarding the first factor - the idea is that improving armor by fusing 5 other armors together, with -for example - the same tier, let’s say four stars - 4 * we get up to 50% Chance on raising the mastery level. However, when merging only 4 armors (where one window is empty) chance falls from 50 to only 20%!

We can improve the mastery level of items only through fusing of the same types of objects as the given item- for example an armor can be improved only by skillfully fusing with other armors, artifacts only with other artifacts, etc.
Element / color of merged objects has absolutely no meaning for this improvement.

When it comes to levels of ability of objects, which are levels like 1/30, 15/20, etc, the chance to increase it depends only on:

  • The quantity of items taken to merge with the same ability – that’s IT!

In order to dispel many doubts, I will add on what the chance of improvement does NOT rely on:

  • Tier of the objects, that is, it makes no difference whether you merge of 5 * or * 1 items,
  • The general level of the object, which means for a 5* item it may be 1/99 or 99/99 level.

As I wrote, in order to raise the level of ability you need to merge objects to the same ability as the object that we want to improve. It means they must be:

  1. Items of the same type -because, for example, in no armor will you find the same ability as in an artifact, etc.
  2. Items of the same element - for example, because in any other artifact than the of the element of nature you will NOT find the same ability. Exactly THE SAME! So even the same element often does not settle the matter, because – for example, the nature artifacts there are 2 kinds of skills, and only those having the same description and the same badge that appears on the inside, at the top of the card object, are suitable for improvement.

In the end, when we have objects with the same abilities, fusion works as follows - for each such object taken to merge get at the moment around 10%, with the chance of improvement is not cumulative, which denies a little to what I wrote at the beginning, that it depends on the amount of items taken to improve. The idea is that the merging of 5 such items get 5x chance, each of the 10% chance that conquer the level of ability. That’s why sometimes we might fail to raise the level at all, but it happens and so that we raise even 5, because for each of tchem there is 10% chance to improve.
Note that improving the ability of the item we need the same types of objects, and so inevitably ALWAYS have the chance to improve mastery, here is that we can kill two birds with one stone – it’s most profitable to improve the ability of fusing with 5 other components 

In the end I will add that if the objects that are components themselves have their mastery or abilities improved, the chance to move this bonus is a note: 100% !!! Example:
We improve an armor by fusing 5 other armors, but meeting the conditions to improve for both the master and the ability, so that they are just armors, and not artifacts, well, and they all have the same ability. We have it so:

  • The first is improved masterfully (M) to +2, and the ability of (Z) to 4/30 (which was previously added by +3 points abilities, because each item basically has the ability at the level of 1, ie, 1/10, 1/20 , 1/30)
  • The second has M= +1 and Z = 3/30 (+2)
  • The third has M = 0 and Z = 1/30 (+0) (ie that we find playing and win it anywhere)
  • The fourth M = 3 and Z = 6/10 (+5) (6/10 because it might not be exactly the same armor, but this is the most ordinary armor with the same skill)
  • Fifth M = +5 and Z = 11/30 (+10)
  • All the 5 armors are a tier 2 (2*)
    First, let’s count improvements that go with 100% success:
    M = 2 + 1 + 0 + 5 + 3 = +11
    Z = 3 + 2 + 0 + 5 + 10 = +20
    So the given armor we will improved for 100% with 11 levels and raise its ability by as much as 20 points. So, assuming that was 5/30 - the improvement will jump to 25/30.
    We also have 12% chance for additional M = +1 for compiling five armors of the 2nd tier and 5x10% to raise the level of ability, ie up to an additional Z = +5, finally being able to improve the ability to the max, ie 30/30.

Phew, this is a bit much, but I hope that it will make it all clear and helpful!

Please help me with video how to increase level 1/30, 2/30 ... of item

Thanks Gabi and Hodon!
This guide is amazing and very helpful.
Master fusion is a bit like playing lotteries but when you know how to do it the right way you are able to increase your chance to be lucky.:wink:


If i upgrade 5 items to max level and then use them to fuse to level up an item ability of an item, does it mean I will get more chance?


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