Forum Contest - STEAM KEYS for Vampire Legends!


Hey guys!

Later today I will post steam codes for Vampire Legends in random topics on this forum. :grinning:

Try to catch them!

Be aware and good luck!

Ps. Let us know what keys you would like for the next giveaway! XBox, PS4? :wink:


Of course, Xbox One. It’s obvious, @Gabi.


Ohhh, I’m late! :unamused: :confounded: :sob:


I would like keys for Mac App Store or Steam. I suggest you also make keys for new games available because I’ve already bought all your Mac games


Eventide PS4 Key :slight_smile:


Aww, I missed them all! Wouldn’t mind the latest game on PS4 - noticed there was no competition for that one this time round on your twitter.


The contest now is still on, we will make PS4 contests too, don’t worry :wink:


is the contest still on?


No, that already passed. :slight_smile: