[DISCUSSION] Let’s talk about Bladebound


@Gabi greetings
I started playing 9 days ago, so i’m still pretty new to the game but i already have 240 tickets for auto play.
I suggest that using the auto tickets meets the requirements for the common quests “Finish any Location on” and create some rarer quests like “play x games (a mix of Events, Challenge, Arena or Battle)” or “Complete x Challenge” and reward as with XP or Challenge Points.
I would also like to see a new lottery for fusion items. It would give Fusion boosters (1-3 stars) and also 2 new, with no element items:
-“Mastery booster (1-3 stars)” e.g.: a one star Mastery booster would give the same Mastery chance % as using a 1 star item
-“Skill Tome” gives you the same chance to increase the skill level of e.g.: “Challice of Heresy” while using another “Challice of Heresy” as fusion material.

Hope my feed back is useful and keep up the good work


Hello Garuk89

My name is Saron on BLADEBOUND and hope we see us by the next goddes. My lovely Elements are water and I love it sometimes to play with fire. My Fighter must be complete in the elements and I feel more stronger.

Nice greets from Germany



I would love to see upgrade function from comon item -> unique -> legendary.


Is there any way to use your own crystal instead of an ally crystal? Someone please help.


Basicly You use two crystals every time. One that You equp in inventory and second that You pick just before enter level. There is no way to pick two of Your own crystals.


So there’s no way to use your crystal in the arena instead of an allies crystal?


Look like some one cheated in the arena, he’s level 31 and on the 1st rank.


A question: How is it possibile to take off everything of the character, including armor & weapon as it has done the 1-st in the Arena Edison_jun???


You can tap between sets in inventory. Its possible to pick one without any item on and log off.


That means that its nessesary to have one set empty all the time. Thanks :wink:


Hi Sandra,

I love all five elements in bladebound. It makes a lot of fun to play with different sets and to experiment with mixed sets.
Yes for sure, maybe we meet ingame some time.

Have fun!

Best regards

  1. Legendary item guaranteed from the lottery: I hope there is an option to get L items although I have to spend more gems.

  2. Set bonus: When we get the full set of items, we should get a bonus on health or attack.

  3. Give us more set: I am kind of a collector, and currently there are only 6 sets of items.

  4. Engery balance: Now I get level 93 and one engery is STILL produced every 5 mins


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No pvp on this game? Its boring if u play for numbers only. We want fight example 1v1 3v3 or 5v5 come on frst tume ive seen a game without pvp lmao


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Hi chciałbym się wszystkim przedstawić Mariusz mam na imie i gra bardzo mi się podoba