[DISCUSSION] Let’s talk about Bladebound


Hi guys! :blush:

Here I’d like to start the first general discussion about Bladebound.
If you have any thoughts to share - please do so!


Hello Gabi!
I would like to see more docs/wiki.
Also, some minor tweaks like filtering for fusion.


Hi, what kind of docs/wiki do you mean? :wink:



  • fusion guide made by Hodon,
  • how attack points are calculated
  • where to find fusion/evolution elements


Feel free to start any topic you might find useful OR if you have a question - also start such topics. :slight_smile:
Hodon’s guide will be here within the next days.


When should we expect the next epic lottery…and will be there a treading option with other players?


next idea for wiki:

  • list of items grouped by skills.


@VII we are not planning trading, and about the lottery - we’ll let you know when we’ll have a date. :slight_smile:

@kane feel free to start such a topic or article on wikia!


We speak ONLY English on this forum and all other posts will be removed.


I have some ideas,if you dont mind
1.pvp real time other players
2.clan,team or guild system
3.co-op mode
But more i would like too see pvp system 1v1/3v3/5v5 and u can think about pvp modes like ex capture the flag cuz all players like the competition.
Thanks in advance! Cya on the battlefield! :slight_smile:


Sure - thanks for all of your ideas. :wink:


Yoooo, this game is lit man… :laughing: could you guys please give me a hand with gems if possible? If you still did not enter a friend’s code (it is located in settings), just enter mine: V1WRJEG6 :blush: and you will get 50 gems just for entering it. Once again my code is: V1WRJEG6 :blush: Thanks.


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I saw Flame of Vengeance armor in the loading screen but I could not find it in the collection tab. Will I get it somehow by opening a legendary lottery? My gem is precious to me. :slight_smile:


This armor was available in earlier events. At this moment it is not possible to get her on the lottery.


Thank you. I hope its obtainable someday. Its a shame I found this game too late. But I love it. Good job devs!


@iMiximax well, you found a little bug, thank you :smiley:

Flame of Vengeance, as AngelYoung said, is an old (not supported) item, that was obtainable during the event in the past.
Currently, exactly the same item, with the same stats and looks is called Armour of the Flames (5*) or Cuirass of the Sparks (4*) and belongs to “Born from Blood” set. It’s obtainable on Legendary Lottery. You can find it in Collection under the Fire/Armor/4*(or 5*) filter.

We probably had the Armor’s old name on the Loading Screen :stuck_out_tongue:
I’m fixing it right away!
Correction will be added with the next update.

(And thank you for the kind words :slight_smile: )


Hello Gabi,

I want to thank you and the whole AM crew for Bladebound game.
I love it so much, because it remembers me playing Diablo, Dungeon Siege and other action rpg in the past. Love these games so much.

Thanks for Bladebound, it’s very nice.

It’d be nice to play pvp mode and have a guild option and ingame chat in the future.

Thanks for the stable server connection and the well done support in case of issues which are very seldom.

Best regards


A few questions …

  1. Max Level on this thing ?
    2.Whats Epic lotary ? ( a lot of questions around the forum about it so I’m curious )
    3.Is the only way of getting legendary items from the Legendary Lotary chest ?
    Thnak you in advance !


I come from China, I really want to know when the seventh chapter opened, thank you