[CONTEST] Win a UNIQUE PS4 Controller!


Thank you @EmmaoLantern , and thank you so much @Gabi and Artifex Mundi Team! :yellow_heart:


Give you 100 dollars for that Controller Merry :slight_smile: lol congrats



lol i feel you, happy for you


Congrats @merry! :blush:


Thanks guys! :sunflower:
Also, I may want to do more fanarts now. This may be my new thing. :thinking:


@Gabi ok, so this thing happened today

I almost hugged the courier :smirk:

Thanks again, this rocks so much!


Awww :heart: Iā€™m really glad you got it already and you like it so much!

Sendimg hugs from our whole team to all of you guys! :heart:


I have been playing Bladebound a while I look at the arena my stats are higher than the 1st place in arena I can only get to 240 am I doing something wrong


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<img src="/uploads/default/original/1X/854b56cc8964a308280f461a91e0f25154f9e3a9.png" width=ā€œ690ā€ height=ā€œ388ā€ this is the number 1 guy I have to be doing something wrong