[CONTEST] Win a UNIQUE PS4 Controller!


Join our contest for your chance to win this unique, one of a kind wireless PlayStation 4 Controller!

:sparkler: Topic for the contest: :sparkler:

:boom: Create the best HOPA fanart! (drawing, painting, text, picture…) :boom:

Prepare an awesome fanart of any kind for one of our Artifex Mundi HOPA games, submit and get your chance to win this unique PS4 pad!

Contest starts 14.08 6:00 PM CEST and ends 27.08.2017 11:59 PM CEST!

  • Q: Who can join?

A: Every person registered at the Artifex Mundi Forum can take part with one answer.

  • Q: Where can I post my idea?

A: You can post your idea in this topic!

  • Q: When does the contest end?

A: August 27, 11:59 PM CEST.

  • Q: When will the winner be announced?

A: August 30th, 11:59 AM CEST. :slight_smile:


  1. The contest is organized only on the Artifex Mundi Forum https://forum.artifexmundi.com
  2. Each person needs to register on the Artifex Mundi Forum to take part in the contest.
  3. Each person can submit only one work.
  4. The contest starts on 14.08.2017 6:00 PM CEST and ends 27.08.2017 11:59 PM CEST.
  5. A jury containing three of Artifex Mundi workers (@Gabi, @Nadya and @Lucas) will pick the winning fanart.
  6. The results will be announced on the Artifex Mundi Forum.
  7. The winner has time until September 4 2017 10 AM CEST to send his/hers address details to @Gabi through a private message at the Artifex Mundi Forum.
  8. If the winner does not contact @Gabi until the date set in point 7, the next person will be announced and contacted through the Artifex Mundi Forum.
  9. The fanarts containing text need to be prepared in English.
  10. Any questions are resolved through a private message sent to @Gabi.
  11. Artifex Mundi workers cannot take part in the contest.
  12. The PS4 Controller will be sent to the winner by the end of September 2017.
  13. The rules might be edited.
  14. Each person taking part in the contest accepts its rules.
  15. Participants from every country can join.

:four_leaf_clover: Good luck! :four_leaf_clover:


LOL I suck but I tried…


Здравствуй! My name Ketrin and big Enigmatis fan
I draw Enigmatis
Thank :kissing_heart:


Hi, this is a fanart of Edward in Grim Legend 1 ( my favorite vilain of Artifex Mundi Games), and his evil version in the tree.
Thank for this contest :slight_smile:


Have gone old old skool with paper and pencil :slight_smile: I haven’t drawn since school so was quite pleased with my efforts! Some nightmares of the deep fanart.



Hi @carlessyen, hello @Ketrin, greetings @EmmaoLantern, welcome @becktronique!

Great works you guys!
The contest still lasts for a couple of days, but wanted to let you know we really love them! :heart:


In my opinion there is too less time for the contest - just 5 days sine it was announced.
Could be more. 2 weeks I think is enough.



are we allowed to use original logos on the artwork (to help identify the game chosen for the fanart)?


@zolv it is 2 weeks! That’s a lot. The contest was announced on the 14th and ends at the end of the 27th, so I really don’t know how you see 5 days… :confused:
@merry yup :slight_smile:


@Gabi Forum post appeared on 14th, You are right.
But I got info about the contest from mailing, which was sent on 22nd August.


@zolv that’s when you got the mail, but the contest started on the 14th and we announce it every couple of days on facebook and twitter. :wink:


@Gabi Thanks! :slight_smile:

Done in Inkscape and GIMP.


A reimagining of “Clockwork Tales: of Glass and Ink” cover art my first Artifex Mundi game! I’m a recent fan!


I would like to show the picture which represents my first game of Artifex Mundi:
"Enigmatis: The ghosts of maple creek"

Best wishes,


Here’s my entry to this awesomest contest: What is your Artifex Mundi Game name generator!

So here’s some titles of your games and since they’re styled in such a way I thought that I’d have fun with it:

  • The Secret Order 5: The Buried Kingdom
  • Queens Quest 3: The End of Dawn
  • Ghost Files: The Face of Guilt
  • Scarlett Mysteries: Cursed Child
  • Persian Nights: Sands of Wonders
  • Tiny Tales: Heart of the Forest

I hope none of you devs are offended by it :scream:

All the words listed are real and could be found in the dictionary, handpicked by yours truly. Idea and concept taken from the What is your Benedict Cumberbatch name? (His name is even in up top). The background art is one of your official art modified to suit my theme and purpose.

Oh and my Artifex Mundi game is…The Dark Thriller 3: The Dawn Drool :laughing:

What’s yours?


My watercolour illustration of my favourite Artifex Mundi game, Dark Arcana: The Carnival < 3 I hope that he will appeal to you. ^^



We can proudly announce the winner is @merry!

Guys, your work is incredible and I will still contact on DM each and every one of you for a little something, so stay tuned!

@merry - you I will contact for your address :slight_smile:


The chance ! :’( Congrats @merry :slight_smile: