Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink


Okay guys, time for Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink.

I started playing yesterday, fell in love with Matthew :smile: (we have a figure of him at the office! He’s so cute). Wanted to know how about you guys? Liked it?

And and and, I was really trying to “catch the bugs” - I am blind I guess, I always miss like one or two. :pensive:


Wow, this must be one of the first AM hogs. I loved this game, the detail and artwork that went into it is amazing. And yes that lovable crow Matthew is awesome. You will fall in love with this game, Gabi.


I liked it and left a good review on Steam and MacGameStore. Too bad that it is not in Italian!


I’m legally blind! I love Artifex Mundi HOGs cos I can actually play them on my kindle 10.1! I own all of them lol. The hint button is overused but oh well. And that game…one of the first!! Memories!!! :slight_smile:


We meet again… why so much worries for not Italian titles? Just a joke, i like to see titles in my language.:smile:


Really liked this one, especially the bugs! :slight_smile: Gorgeous artwork and loved the theme/setting.


This game came out in 2014? Is this a current post about this game??
I played this game in 2014!


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:grinning:This game is so amazing! Thank you very much!


Love this game, for me one of the best Artifex Game.


Yes, it’s a good game :slight_smile: ( In particular for steampunk fans :wink: ).


Would love to see more games in this series made and available on consoles too