Cannot purchase Ghost Files via Windows Store


I’ve tried to purchase Ghost Files using Windows Store, but I just receive a blank white screen where the purchase information should be. I’ve tested my system (Windows 10) and can access the Windows Store via the Windows 10 app with no problem.


Can You give screen? @jsemenek


This is what I see:


Can You sent it again? I see only white box.


That is correct. All I see is a white box.


Ok. Wait, I try to find solution.
@jsemenek You use phone or tablet?


Neither, I am using Windows 10 desktop PC.

Try this, I not use Windows, but this should help.


[details=Summary][/details] I too have Windows 10 and just now tried it and it’s working just fine for me. After playing the trial version and reading the reviews I have decided not to purchase it at this time.


I did buy it, but it’s very blurry and hard to play. Very disappointing! I love this company’s Hidden Object Games.


@jsemenek Did you try Linuksiarz’s suggestion? Was it helpful?

@Lea Please, accept our apologies for blurry graphics on Windows 10. We’ve already published an update yesterday. Please check if it’s working fine now :slight_smile:


My work around was to purchase it on my laptop, and then play it on my desktop. I had no issues with it being blurry and the game played well.


Yes, I uninstalled it and reinstalled it and it worked perfectly. Thank you!