Bladebound’s future - what’s your idea?


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Arena 799 wave - :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:


Привет) можете помочь с игрой)


Just started playing and the game is awesome. Real time PvP would make it perfect!


Добрый день мои мысли по поводу улучшения игры.
1-Возможность увеличения и уменьшения джойстика на экране,иногда не поподаю))
2-возможность использования билетов автопропуска на арене,либо режим авто боя(чтоб отключать и включать когда нужно).Суть в том,что есть моменты когда ранг просто не получается увеличить,а энергии полно.По сути получается просто убийство времени, причем не малое.
Спасибо,буду рад увидеть изменения.


Ещё забыл, Хотел бы увидеть возможность обмена ресурсов излишков на не хватку,к примеру у меня автобилетов полно а когда то золота не хватает или энергии.Я не говорю об обмене на кристалы!!!


I’m very interested if any update will be in september as was told.


What about September update?


Bladebound is pay to win as it’s best.
No updates for over 2 years.
Pay content ad pop ups are highly aggressive!
This game will never become a worthful one; it’s just made to pull out money from your bags if you are dumb enough to do so!
I quit this forum with great pleasure; you can delete my account. I won’t be on air here in future!


I would think the most obvious move would be to add some form of PvP… With PvP you get multiple advantages for the devs and the players. This makes it very easy for the devs to introduce new content regularly in the form of different tournaments and so on. Fairly easy to implement once the PvP system is in place. Look at all great games that have any kind of longevity and the one thing they all have in common is some form of multiplayer. I really like BladeBound but I’ve already beaten all the levels and am starting to search for different things to keep it interesting, and I’ve only been playing the game for a month or so.
IMO That’s crucial to your guys survival.

Love the game so far keep up the good work!


Bize karakterler arası pvp lonca/guild ve union savaşları verin savaşalım sadece mob ve bosslarla savaşmak SIKICI.Ve görevleri bize özgür büyük bir map verin oralarda tamamlayalım binek araçlar yapın uçan koşan oyundan zevk alalım yoksa bu şekilde iyiler hep iyi kötüler hep kötü parası olmayanda oynasın bu güzel oyunu. Saygılarımla.


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Для начала не плохо было бы открыть главу 7. :смайлик:
Ну можно ввести модную сейчас фишку : “Королевская Битва” или PVP арену.


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