Bladebound’s future - what’s your idea?


Patience dont quite this awesome game i hope the makers working in the new ideas
… patience…


It would be nice because game is wonderful :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


No i znowu się stało tak że przypadkowo sprzedałem albo użyłem do scalenia unikatowej zbroi światła!!! Bardzo brakuje systemu zabezpieczania posiadanego ekwipunku przed jego niezamierzoną utratą!!! Czy jest szansa na jej zwrot poprzez Waszą pomoc techniczną???


Why is this game no pvp??? So boring pve not happy with it lindly put pvp stuff to be injoyable to play please.


Pvp against player vs player this is what u guys should fucos


How about just opening up a new level , I’m pretty sick of checking in every day and having nothing to do


If u want pvp game in playstore have many choices… pve is boring u say… many players like pve… for that reason pick this excellent game!! Pvp server many issues many player online etc…


Its boring right i feel you this game need battle


It needs a quick upgrade!!!


Yee we need a upgrade…!! More maps, more events,more graphics (well the graphics are courgeuos beautiful…) but we need more :slight_smile:


The fun part it seems like developers dnt add any new on this game its boring dude


Здраствуйте. Игра очень хорошая. Жаль что нет войны гильдий


Обновления будет? Хочу обнову. Чтобы добавили крепость и войну гильдий. Тогда уж точно игра будет супер


Я думаю к это игре 2 вещи не хватает. 1. Крепость который ты защищаещ 2. Это война гильдий и чат для общения. Тогда уж точно игра будет супер. У меня такое ощущения что игру закроют ((((.


Chapter 7 would be nice!
For more than one year nothing happened, just “coming soon”; it’s embarassing!
I am about to quit…
Many friends asked me about bladebound, but I told them every time yeah it’s worth it, but it isn’t.


Today in playstore show me bladebound update, im download many minutes later 35 more or less. And enter the game, nothing happen is the same only change the icon to enter the game nothing more… i dont have idea!


Last update and … nothing new.


I have over 600 millions of gold - the question is: what for???


Maybe any possibility to buy for the gold gems for example???


I really would like to watch haw it is possible to reach 644 wave in ARENA :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: