Bladebound’s future - what’s your idea?


hey @Picklerick
You can find information about XP in Inventory / Equip tab, on right panel :slight_smile:


More events and more items on those events. Plus the bugs on the inventory. Items wont go away cant sell it or unequip it… and maybe PVP … this game is awesome… hands down… please make an update for the new maps … it’ll be a waste if Bladebound would be just like this upto 2018


You can unequip any item - please make sure to remove it from each set, and after it is taken off, you can sell it. :wink:


I would like to see more options other then fusing and evolving you can use your gold on


Officially playing for one week now.

Please take comments from a one week perspective. As a reference, I’ve spent $6 so far. I think.

The game is fun overall.

The graphics are beautiful.

The game is mind-blowing large. Probably because of the graphics. Someone also played MTG. LOL

For some reason, I thought you’d be able to choose an avatar. Seems that isn’t so. Where’s my female anima warrior character? :stuck_out_tongue:

On my phone (Samsung S7) the intro video chops and lags while loading. I see about 3 staggered frames until it shows me a premium item on the loading screen. If it can’t play smoothly then why have it

Levels 1-15 are absurdly short. From someone who loves RPG games, lore, hack and slash and D3 style games, they could be three times as long. These are like little teasers as if the game was rushed out. Yes, longer maps can be tedious if you’re farming them repeatedly, but there’s also auto play passes. I know that many other people play games like they do chores - as little time and effort as possible. Personally I play games to enjoy them. I enjoy the action, the scenery, the artwork and the adventure. I like simple puzzles too (optional paths, keys, sequence requirements, items hidden in pots) Since nothing in this game takes more than 2 minutes, and given the energy requirements, it doesn’t pass much free time. Playtime lasts around 10 minutes.

Arena is fun, but also repetitive. Suggest adding 2-3 different backgrounds, and randomizing the monsters for each wave, while scaling their strength and health according to wave level.

Heroic isn’t much harder than “hard”. If you can complete “Hard” rift and events without struggling, you can probably complete heroic events without struggling.

‘Challenge’ rewards are silly. There’s no way I’m spending that much energy for the items offered.

Either the lottery is too good, or making your own items is too hard. Farming the same map 10 times, the arena 10 times, the rift 6 times, the event 2 times for one star on one item takes a significant amount of time and energy. Then the lottery gives you a 5 star item for 25 gems. Yes, there is good incentive to buy gems and play the lottery. That means less incentive to farm for your own items. Now if you want 3 sets of magics, with 5 items each, that’s a lot of effort (which is okay really, or you’ll get bored of the game) There is a chance here I’m just lucky. I haven’t played long enough to know.

Just a note on this: when you offer premium purchase armors, they almost always creep upward in power otherwise they are not attractive to players. Over a year or two the power creep becomes so ridiculous that the game starts to lose players. At least in this game there’s no direct PVP so you don’t have $1000 spenders bullying others. Seems every game is going the same direction on that.

I would like to see my stats. Crit damage bonus, crit chance, % boost to the 5 magics, and actual XP numbers to next level. I like to maximize. Make spreadsheets. Figure out best builds. It adds depth to the game

I don’t completely understand the difference between “+2” on the upper left of the item, and the Level 3/20 listed below the ability. Additionally, many times I fuse five parts and it says “+1 skill” in green, but the number in the upper left doesn’t change.

There is a major bug where my character goes berserk, blinking to each enemy I attack. As much as I enjoy this bug, its pretty broken. My average rift is 160. If it bugs I have reached 219. I’ve tried to test what’s causing this bug (different weapons, magics, tapping joystick or spells repeatedly) but its not consistent. No definitive results yet. Initially I thought one of the ally abilities was doing it, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

I had a request, though its big. Add value settings to offset the x, y of the two controls. On my phone, I’m holding the two bottom corners. Its very awkward and I have almost no grip on the device. I have a tablet too, and I have to hold the two differently. There’s no position that’s perfect for all devices; if the user could adjust it with an offset value that would be great. You can drag the joystick where you want it, but it resets if you let go.

Great game overall. Very fun. A little more depth wouldn’t hurt. I do wish energy lasted more than 10 minutes.

Thank you for the game.


Hey @VodkaRyoko, thx for your feedback. The game changes all the time so You may expect new features in future.


There is a major bug where my character goes berserk, blinking to each enemy I attack.

Well its not a bug :slight_smile: Some sentinel crystals that you choose just before entering the level have this skill. Make sure to hold and tap item you choose to read its description.


I see; I didn’t know you can read them when choosing. Boosts attack speed when combo over 10. Well I choose that, and got to rift 222. Maybe that skill is a little busted… ha ha ha :yum:


hi all,
i was wondering about the state of the game; is this game alive and updates are right in the corner? cuz the forum and the facebook page are quite… empty lately…

about the lotteries i was wondering if there will be different type of lotteries/even lotteries later on or we will simply keep the legendary/common ones

maybe is there the idea to customize the character? (male/female/short/tall)

are ranged weapons planned to be a thing in this game?

in the end i think i really like this game, i mean the job done here is amazing, it simply feels a bit of a waste if important things will not be implemented (like pvp, guild system, more customization, increase difficulty, lottery events and so on)


I donno if every player post this, but energy drain so fast. 2 (two) battle locations and done. Puf. No green energy.
What a player will do when can enter in game for 2 minutes max?
A purpose of every game is to play that game. U guys r unique in the world.


Definitely would love to see some online play. Not pvp per-say, but a guild/chat feature and maybe some world bosses for a server or guild to take on



Great game!
Enjoyable, short dungeons for quick breaks.
Great graphics, and I enjoy the loot system.
I also like the energy system (good rate for me, who often has limited time in a day to play).

I have two suggestions:

  1. Arena can get very repetitive. I suggest an auto-clear (maybe if you finish an arena, for the next hour you can auto-clear at 75% of your waves). Currently clearing arenas is the only thing that feels like a grind.

  2. Guild. One aspect of games that engage me more is feeling like a part of a community. I do not have any wise suggestions of what guilds would do, or how they would work together, but having a common goal and chat would help people feel connected, ask advice, see great loot to aspire to, etc.

Thanks again for a great game!


I would like to see a change in the equipment as prizes in the event and challenges. There has to be more you can do with your gold. Are we gonna see water and neutral legendary equipment.

Enter V533omrn for gems


Hi I’m back. Officially playing week 3.

The challenge this time is good. The rewards are enough incentive to do the challenge. I completed that yesterday.

I found the stats page - thank you for that. I’ll just note that this is difficult for new person to find. Maybe a “button” on profile that takes you to equipment page/stats tab. I also found the XP/XP on that page. That could be right on the profile page as well. Just suggestion to make it easier to find.

Having spent more time in the game, I’d like to talk about balance.

First, magic.

I quickly noticed that weapon, armor, chest and artifact abilities all use “attack” damage. I cannot find any item abilities thus far that use magic damage, except the crystal. That means 4 out of 5 abilities always use attack damage, and that magic is under-represented.

Knowing that, I learn its imperative you use three attack items. Attack armor, attack artifact and of course attack weapon, to boost 4/5 your abilities. Then looking at arena rankings, all of the top ranked players are also using 3 attack items, and stacking attack. This confirms my theory.

What does that mean? It means all armor, chest, and artifact items with health or magic are useless except for fusion. It also means that the best items in the game will have a) attack bonus mastery b) damage bonus c) crit chance d) crit hit.

Wow, right? There are two fundamentals here this serious impacts

  1. You take the time to create all these items, abilities and rewards when 2/3 are useless.
  2. This doesn’t encourage different builds or diversity. One way to win.
  3. You can’t create “good” item rewards, event item or new sets unless they are attack.
  4. You could almost delete any health/magic items from your inventory without loss.

Unfortunately, at this stage this may be too hard to change. You’d have to change abilities to magic. Or add more magic abilities. You might have to reformat items so that “shields offer magic or health” and trophy offer “magic or attack”

Next - the crystal.

Lets say you did ridiculous damage, so you one-shot monsters with any ability. Since arena is on a time limit, the only way you could do better than that is “speed.” How quickly you kill both sides of the arena will determine how many waves you complete.

Therefore… that ability I previously thought “had to be a bug”… “weapon speed” is the best ability in the game (for arena.) And again, if you look what top players are (usually) wearing, its either a) Frozen Tears or b) Solar beetle. That’s because these items close the distance around the arena, the fastest way to clear all groups and finish the wave. There are a couple other crystal that are “good”, but these are the hands down winners. Frozen tears isn’t even legendary.

And that means either

  1. this ability is too good, and/or
  2. there are not enough crystal that compete, and/or
  3. arena rewards players for “one” build - max damage with solar or beetle.

Does it matter? Since you can borrow ally ability anyway? Maybe. But if you look at all the other crystal, most are very lack luster except possibly undead companion. Most of the time, crystal is “whatever” as long as you can borrow solar beetle.

Now I really thought that Fireworks Queen would compete with Tears/Beetle, but in play testing, it doesn’t like to trigger. The ability description could be clearer; it triggers when 3 or more are hit by your melee attack. But its unreliable; many times theres 5-6 enemies right in front of me, and only 2 get hit. Perhaps if the “swing” radius was a tiny bit larger? I test many times; my other abilities (bombs, fire, etc) won’t trigger the Queen. Only melee swings

Now lets admit - arena is not the only thing you can do in the game.

But the rest of the game (events, challenge, maps) are easy enough I don’t have to change builds. I don’t have to use a different set, abilities like nature heal, or damage reduction items or health bonus items. If I can kill everything in 1-2 hits, I don’t need anything more than the arena build. The one exception might be that traps on the ground are nice for bosses.

Still think most of the game could be harder (I’m one of those, sorry) and levels longer, many more monsters - pack it in, action packed

I second the idea of item pair / set / combo bonuses as mentioned in above post :slight_smile:

Oh… I previously stated that lottery seemed too good. But now having been the victim of the lottery many time, I think that was a false statement. I do think that 25 gem lottery should have no 3* items.

Last thing I want to talk about (sorry this is long) is Mastery +bonus.

I level my weapon +4 mastery. I saw that added four damage. When you have 8000 damage, 1 damage is a sort of a joke… right? One mastery point = .013% damage. Some players have added +45 mastery to their weapon. They have 18000 damage on their character sheet, so that .25% damage gain. And that’s funny. Shouldn’t that be more like… 5 damage? Maybe 10 even. What is the incentive to farm farm farm farm fuse fuse fuse to level a mastery point? Maybe I am missing something here but the math suggests this isn’t something worth actively pursuing.

Again thank you for the great and beautiful game!

  1. Make independent login for players to play across platform.

  2. Each stage is a bit short now.

  3. Please do voice-over. A good storyline and voice over can make the game more engaging

  4. Sell items at a more affordable price

  5. Graphics and control are so decent already.

  6. I still prefer slide system to joystick.


I want to See the next level in the near Future. Payed a Lot of money for lottery but without the last area i trink About getting refund via lawsuit if necessary because i bought the whole things to get there. I feel Betrayed by “coming soon” for some months now.


hi! very interesting game, excellent graphics, good dynamics and a set of armor…I would like to offer to create an arena so that you can fight with other players and so that players can manage and fight in real time with those who are online in the game. Selection would be made automatically on equal forces or levels of heroes. I would also like to offer to enter create clans or guilds inside guilds, it would be possible to perform specific tasks and battle a super challenging bosses, for the nice prizes and awards:)


Bladebound on Android TV with controller support!


Auto-Play na arena, pontuação 50% ou 80% do seu melhor resultado
Loja ou loteria para comprar itens de evolução para equipamentos de datas especiais
arena entropia, se você não estiver ativo por uma semana, você está perdendo 10% de sua classificação


It would be nice to have some more things, not only fusion etc., to spend possesed gold for.


I think it is time to quite this game because nothing is happeninig from a long time especially a new batefront. It is a pity. :pensive: