Bladebound’s future - what’s your idea?


Hi guys! :grin:

So to start - if you have any thoughts on what we could change in the game, what could be added - share them here! :smiley_cat:

Thank you for sharing!!!



  • more detailed information for items: e.g. if an item is no longer available as loot from chapters but available from the lottery, or island reward, I would like to see it
  • arena entropy, if you are not active for a week, you are losing 10% of your rank.
  • scroll bar for events, if more than two are active at the time
  • ‘retry’ button as addition to ‘revive’ and ‘return’ after you die in battle


Meybe, return swipe system? I can’t on joystick. :disappointed_relieved:


Sorry @Linuksiarz, the tests have shown people prefer playting on joystick.


Some things I’d love to see added to the game is Guilds and a chat channel. Also some other types of weapons like bows/crossbow staffs, and have the weapons feel different from one another by giving them different animations and have ups and downs to the different weapon like having axes have higher base damage but they swing slowly while the scythe swings quickly but has lower dmg, and so on for the other types of weapons.


Hey guys.

My biggest issue with the game right now is that I barely get to play it. I have to take the train on a daily basis for about 20 to 30 minutes and if I don’t level up I run into the issue of no more energy. I understand you guys have to make money but limiting my time this much will only get me to stop playing your game and play something else. I shouldn’t be limited to playing 2 levels when I want to play your game.

Thanks for making such an awesome game. I loved it when you had the old controls but I think I love it even more with the new ones.

Keep up the good work. I hope development goes well :slight_smile:



Tim, you need to plan it. The whole point is to replay levels, not go for one after another. If you played levels that are for example 1/2 energy, you get to play more, and they change on a daily basis. The energy system was already rebalanced and it will stay in this form for now. :wink:


with my current armor that’s still just a few minutes of gameplay per day. Thanks for giving me an answer though.
Maybe i’ll come back again in the future, for now i’m switching to mobius. Good luck with development. :wink:


Nice thoughts @Celeste, I think these ideas should be mentioned and some of them are a must have for future updates… :sweat_smile:


Hey boy, joystick rocks. I am sure you can do it as well as others do. Keep on trying and trying. You’ll be able to deal your enemies. Kick them like Beckham! :rofl:


Hello, hello! my little idea is related
to the subscription banner and the lottery banner that are shown after each action. It’s really very annoying, moreover, on weak devices causes lags!I think it’s necessary to make a button “do not show today” I really hope that in the future it will be so! thanks)


I think it is time, that chapter 7 could be released. At the moment I play another rpg, because bladebound is boring without new content.
The second point is, that your pop ups get on my nerves. After every ingame round they appear. That is too much and I do not like this kind of pop up spam…


Hi @Garruk89, thanks for your feedback.
We’re currently working on getting Bladebound ready for other platforms. We’ll keep you guys informed about the upcoming content.


I hope, that the publisher team does not forget to focus on the games main contents. A game can only be interesting for a long time, when it’s been supported well and feeded with new content…
I like it, but at the moment it is not one of my faves. I hope changes will be done in near future, otherwise I think, I have to say thanks for several hours of gaming experience and goodbye.


Make more events for us with gems


@Gabi i really enjoy the game other ideia make ftiends system but dont put chat is allways the same know :\ but i Would like to see other weapons :slight_smile:


That game is amazing almost diablo on mobile ( almost cuz in this style need more variants of weapons in this way will have diff classes like Dungeon Hunter 5) in my opinion of.I found it from youtube last night checking for Raziel Dungeon Arena for android same ideas like this game here but have more classes weapons and your game pop up!
Hope to see in future thia game grow up cuz have alot fans of Diablo from past now with family , job and etc where stil got some time to play on mobile :slight_smile:
We got competition between Bladebound and Raze( Raziel) Dungeon arena
Good luck fellas!


Hello there!
I am big fan of this game. I would like to see Different classes in this game. it could depend on weapon. For example sword nad shield mamy increase your hp or armor. Two 1- hand sword nad one 2-hand sword. It would be awesome but hard to do. I have another one idea. In my opinion this game need different pvp system. This one in game is bad. For example we could fight with different characters controlled by AI. Something like attack and defense mode. In defence mode our character would be controlled by AI.


Thanks for all the ideas regarding Bladebound! :wink:


First off love the game. Two things i have comments about. 1: energy, I believe the energy system is fine but like what was mentioned before when your high level it’s extremely hard to progress and do the 1/2, 2x exp, currently lvl 21 and I can do 1 lvl to progress and 2-3 other levels and run outa energy. One suggestion is more opportunities for energy to be gained. Currently every 6 hrs you get 15 energy, that’s almost half of what you need to do a heroic on map 2 or 3. I completely agree you can plan leveling up and should to keep playing which brings me to my 2nd comment. Is there a way we can see exactly how much exp we need? I know you can see the lil progression around your level but I can’t find you know 1xxx/39580 exp (example)