Bladebound offer won't go away


Hi, I just started playing Bladebound, bought the starter pack and everything was going fine, but today, when I’m trying to play, there’s another offer that just won’t go away. The big X and Check Out won’t work. I tried deleting data and uninstalling and reinstalling the game but the notice is still there. Here’s a screenshot. I hope there’s a workaround cos I really like the game. Using Moto E4 Plus.


Hey @Quisonder
Do you mean that this popup that we can see on screenshot you have postet can’t be closed so you are not able to play game at all?


Yes, that’s right. There were instances that it goes away, but most of the time, it won’t. I have to restart the game a lot of times to be able to play.


Thanks for pointing out the problem, we’ll look at it, sorry for the inconvenience. If Yuo have more questions or problems contact us via


Hi, I have the same problem, but I know the solution ;). If you have a overlay active you won’t be able to click anything in the game.
I am using twilight app to change screen color at night and have to deactivate it to play bladebound.
After playing you can activate it again.

Maybe this helps the developers to fix this issue, if it is fixable at all…